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Willie the Whiskers

Watch a magical friendship unfold as a young boy discovers and adopts Willie the Whiskers, an adorable little furball of a cat with really long whiskers. See the two of them bond together, as the boy learns the responsibilities of a pet owner in caring for his feline friend, feeding it, playing with it, and taking it to the vet. Invaluable life lessons and values, not to mention beautiful illustrations, await readers in the pages of this educational and entertaining children’s book.


“As parents of two young boys my wife and I recognize that Willie the Whiskers illustrates a number of feelings, emotions, and skills that are important for developing young minds. Our boys loved the illustrations and the easy flow of the narrative”.

–Bill and Amy Shultz


“My 8 year old read this book to me, my husband and our 2 year old and afterwards he told us that the moral to the story is the importance of having the same unconditional love and respect for animals as we should have for people. This book is a really good reading with an excellent message”.

–Jeannine Ferguson




Have you ever heard of a fish that’s afraid to swim?

Well then, you have to meet Lucky. He is the only jellyfish who can control his stinger…but he is the only jellyfish as well who cannot swim.

He is called an outcast and a wimp because he is scared of swimming, despite having the best swimmers for parents. His sister told him to be more confident and to trust in his abilities.

And even if Lucky really liked his school, he can’t always compete in his classes. Everything involved swimming. His schoolmates don’t take kindly to a fish who cannot swim.

Then one day, Lucky found out that there is another thing that he can do. He can float above sea level. He can see people playing music and dancing to a Kanye West song. It’s almost like one of the end of the year fish school dances that they have. He was so absorbed in watching the scene before his eyes that when a motor boat sped past him, he was pushed by a strong wave into the beach.

That’s where he met Sammy, the little boy in the beach who cannot catch a ball…and his life changed forever.

What could Sammy teach Lucky? Will Lucky finally get lucky and learn how to swim?

Find out all of that through the pages of The Fish That Was Afraid To Swim.